A social concept space where

Fashion meets Beauty.

Feeling good & looking good. Naturally.


Glampervan is on it's way


This is the story of how a 1970's Sprite Alpine trailer is transformed into a fully-equipped mobile beauty space.


After years of dreaming and months of planning, for designer and creator, Katherine Mather, the wait is almost over. With a strong background in fashion and love for the beauty industry, Glampervan was formed.


Combining both fashion and beauty, we aim to make a 'social beauty' experience from a unique space that is mobile and can pop-up all around the Isle of Man. It isn't just a place to primp and preen but also to offer an

environment where you can relax and unwind with your closest friends.


Glampervan will offer Pop-up Services, Private Hire, Bridal and Special Event Packages. We will also be collaborating alongside other local creatives and events in the future.


The menu of services will focus on Brows, Makeup and Skincare, offering Microblading, Dermaplaning and more.


Coming, really really soon.

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